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Puppy Obedience School

We provide puppy obedience classes to the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Stafford areas.

We all love our furry friends; close to half of the households around Stafford, Fredericksburg, and Spotsylvania have either a puppy or an old dog. However, people appreciate dogs more when they are obedient and well-mannered. But do you really have to take your pup to a puppy obedience school? Our answer is a resounding Yes! Most people think that their puppies do not need professional training especially when they seem well mannered. However, dogs pick up habits and develop relationships with the people around them as they grow. The puppy may seem well behaved for now but might give you a problem when it gets older.

We have also seen people who would rather download tutorials on the internet and do self-training rather than taking their canines to a puppy obedience school. Unfortunately, most of these people have limited time to spend with their puppies and train them ineffectively. Moreover, some of the training advice readily available on the internet is inaccurate and ineffective in impacting good habits and obedience into your puppy.

Our Puppy obedience school starts training puppies as early as eight weeks old. We believe that this is the best time for puppy obedience training. At this age, Mother Nature intended the puppies to start exploring the world out of their dens. This is the time when puppies start to adapt to new experiences from the world around them. They also learn how to cope with different stimuli and start to develop feelings towards their owners. We believe that this makes it the perfect time that we should teach them about the world they will live in.

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Why puppy obedience school?

  • We train your puppy in a clean area. There is no risk that your puppy will contract parasites or infections.
  • Our puppy obedience school has a licensed and qualified animal instructor with wide experience in early age animal behavior. He is able to identify the needs of your puppy and provide personalized training depending on its needs.
  •  We treat the puppy with respect and ensure that they are in no danger from the environment around it.
  •  We have all the necessary puppy play and training items to offer holistic training to your puppy.
  • We use approved puppy training manuals. Our focus is to use the best practices to encourage and reward the right behavior. We do not punish you puppy or use cruel means to get your puppy to do the right thing.

What do we teach your puppy?

We take a holistic approach when training the puppies. We believe that a perfect dog is an all-round dog with checks on all possible bad habits from its natural instincts. Here are some of the things that your puppy will learn from our school.

Controlled Play

Just like children, puppies play can easily get out of hand. At or puppy obedience school, we teach your puppy how to far is too far when playing. We do not use the ‘hitting the puppy over the nose’ tactic, which is common when teaching them controlled play behavior. This is because it leads to aggressiveness.

Bite Inhibition

Dogs use their mouths for playing with other dogs and holding items. It is important that they are trained when to sink their teeth deep and when to hold with their mouth. Bite inhibition training enables your dog to play with people and other dogs without damaging items and injuring others.

Obedience Training

Obedience training takes different forms. First, we teach your puppy how to recognize its owner whenever it is called. We then teach them to stop whatever they are doing (or eating) and come on command. We also teach the young pups to stay still when ordered to. This skill makes it easy to groom your dog or visit the veterinarian. It also lowers the behavior of pulling the leash when having a walk.

Toning Down Dog Instincts

Mother Nature had created dogs to be hunters. However, this natural instinct is likely to cause problems, especially where the dog comes across other pets such as cats or rabbits or sees other herbivorous animals when you are on an adventure trip. We train your puppy to deal with the instincts of aggression, hunting or running to places where food is being cooked in the open air.

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You will also learn to…

If you are around the areas of Stafford, Fredericksburg or Spotsylvania, you will benefit from our wide knowledge base. Our puppy obedience training classes will provide you with vital information on your young canine such as:

• Taking care of the puppy. We provide you with information on exercise, vaccination, and ways to control parasites. You get to know the most common parasites and risks that may come about from pest infestation.

• House training: Our instructors can provide tips on potty training and ways to ensure that the puppy makes few mistakes in its toileting.

• Fun ideas: We have many ideas on ways to keep your dog occupied when you are not around. We also have several games that you can play with your dog.

Let your puppy start obedience training at an early age. Puppy obedience training is more effective than training an older dog and takes a short period to equip your dog with the necessary skills. In addition, you will have a better understanding of your dog thereby strengthening your relationship with the puppy.

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Reviews from Wag Ur Tail Dog Training alumni speak for themselves:

We did a 6-session private lesson package, and even after one there was a major improvement! The lessons were straightforward and kept simple so that we knew exactly what to practice and keep an eye out for at home and when we worked with [our dog] in public.

Brittany Spangler

Mike has helped me not to be anxious and how to take control of my puppy. He answers emails right away and never tires of my questions . . . In the two lessons we have had so far, my puppy can go up and down stairs, comes when called (still a work in progress), will walk right with me off his leash, and stays when we are outside.

Leanne Southland

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